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Although  I use several mediums, I usually paint in oils and many of these are done with a palette knife.   Unfortunately the tactile aspect of these cannot be sufficiently realised in a photograph.  More recently I have been using brushes again.

In my former working life, I was fortunate to be able to travel overseas to a variety of destinations in the UK, Europe, Asia and the US, as well as the Australian mainland, so some of my paintings reflect these other worlds.  A trip in late 2013 to Spain, France and the UK has inspired more works.

Moving from Queensland to Tasmania in late 2007, I found the different light and the wonderful scenery very beguiling, and many paintings from this time depict various aspects of this beautiful island.  I am a member of the Art Society of Tasmania and also a member of the Huon Art Exhibitions Group Inc. 

As well as painting, I also produce limited quanitites of greeting cards, bookmarks and gift cards, using the subject matter of my paintings.

So please enter my online gallery, and spend some time browsing ....

Acceptance Mark

Buyers should be aware that purchase of an artwork does not convey copyright to the image, which remains the property of the artist as is customary.  Buyers of artworks own the object, not the image, and are not entitled to copy it.